The Speakers

Raymond Frenken

European Banking Federation
Director of Communications

With colleagues in the EBF throughout Europe I work to restore the credibility of a sector that is important for our collective prosperity. An innovative, stable banking system that functions properly can effectively support funding to businesses and households, boosting economic growth, creating jobs and bringing us closer to finding the sustainable solutions we need to address major challenges such as climate change and financial resilience.

My career path as journalist and economist in business news and financial communications shows a constant theme of enlightening readers and viewers with stories, insights and information they can use to make the right decisions to improve their financial well-being. Clarity and relevance are key values in communications, in particular in finance and economics. Only when the values of actions and policies are recognized these can be understood and be effective.

In addition to clear policy communications and European affairs my specific focus is on boosting financial literacy and encouraging better education. The European Money Quiz and Week are annual highlights we have initiated through the EBF since 2014. I also serve as Co-Chair of the International Federation of Finance Museums (IFFM). The IFFM brings together financial literacy knowledge and education centres from across the world.

My Speaker Sessions

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